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A Day at the Beach!

What do you get when you invite insanely talented photographers, stylists, designers, makeup artists and hairstylists to a beach-side wedding?  One of the most energized and creatively energized jam sessions we’ve ever been a part of. But don’t take our word for it. Check out the gorgeous photography and styling below.

Add a serendipitous rain storm and you’ve got  the makings of a great photo shoot with the incredible talent from Chicago’s Photography Stylistas:

Christine | Dabble Me This Photography & Design (blog post) (website)
Dominique | Dominique Strom Photography & Design (blog post) (website)
Keren | Keren Sarai Photography (blog post) (website)
Robyn | Robyn Photography (blog post) (website)
Zipporah | Zipporah Kapambwe Photography (blog post) (website)
Kristi | markit photography (blog post) (website)